Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First Math Class

They have begun with infinite series. Starting with an 8x8 square Ian is progressively colouring in half and then half again and then half again while at the same time adding together what he has coloured. At this point he has broken down the square into 1/2048ths and has coloured in 2047/2048 of the entire square. His predictions are both that the parts to be coloured are never ending and that he will keep colouring in parts until the entire square is colored.... hmmm.... he will keep working on it to see what occurs.

Amber sat with us during the class and perused the book shelves while Ian worked. Afterwards she commented that she had forgotten how much she liked working with Lori and that she might want to again in preparation for college algebra. I commented that I could likely help her get through the prep work so we are going to give it a shot, but I think she also misses the mystery of the problems that she was working on there - different than the type of things one does when one is just "doing algebra" or "doing geometry" or what have you. We are going to explore it some more.

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