Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cultural Differences?

Just a quick question and I will expand more later, but I'm wondering how others feel about children in the public sphere.  For example bringing a baby to a public group training/lecture?

My husband hates it when I ask for an opinion about something that I have an opinion about without stating my own opinion - so... for the record I am in favor of children in public spaces.  I understand that continuous loud noise is a problem, but I think that short quiet noises should not be viewed differently than someone blowing their nose, opening a cellophane candy wrapper, or having their phone vibrate across the table.

I'm asking because I was recently in the minority of one on this topic and was wondering if I was simply coming from a more "AP" perspective or if I was a total loon ;-).


Zoie @ TouchstoneZ said...

I'm with you on this. But, I'm pretty far gone on the crunchy scale. So bear that in mind. I think it really depends on which country (or even which part of a country) you're in and what the event is. Personally, my kids go with me. So if they're not invited, I'm not too. But I've been plenty of places other than the US where there's a much greater tolerance than there is here. People seem pretty intolerant in the US of almost anything marginally out of the realm of normal for adults or kids.

I think it also depends on how much you care about other people's tolerance levels and how much you'd mind being asked to leave if you or another person felt there was too much noise.

jessica said...

Thanks for your thoughts. I do agree that there seem to be places in other parts of the world that are much more tolerant of having children around.

Darcel said...

My children go where I go. I don't understand why someone would think that children don't belong in public places?

Anonymous said...

Since becoming a mother I've strictly avoided places that are not child-friendly. Actually tomorrow I am attending a seminar on homebirth that is baby-friendly for the moms who are breastfeeding. I think that if more and more women demand it, institutions will have to become more lenient. Women are great at making their needs known on important matters publicly nowadays. :)

jessica said...

I did finally manage to write the followup post. You know what makes the craziest is when this happens in spaces that I would assume would be the most welcoming - such and birth and lactation professionals. Some of them can be really persnickety about only quiet babes in arms type of things.

I understand needing to be able to pay attention but there is a quite a bit of room between a quiet babe in arms and truly disruptive. Linda Smith has always done a great job of being very clear that she expects conference organizers to be welcome of kid noises. I really respect that.