Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tale of Six Births

Welcome to the June 2012 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Embracing Your Birth Experience
This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Code Name: Mama and Hobo Mama. This month our participants have written about at least one part of their birth experience that they can hold up and cherish.
Like each child, each birth was so completely different.  And as with most things it is an experience amiable to refinement... you learn each time a little bit more about the process and a little bit more about yourself.  There are more things that were "perfect" about my later births, than my earlier births, but there are things about each to celebrate.  So here, now, are those moments....

1993 - first birth.  I went into this one fairly unprepared.  I had taken the hospital class, but honestly hadn't paid a whole lot of attention.  I had this impression that if you just "rode" the contractions like a wave it would all work itself out.  Huh, not quite like that.  So I had several interventions that I hadn't planned on and had not done the work personally, or on behalf of my support team, to create the type of birth I had envisioned.  I was pushing not a terribly long time if I remember correctly, and the Dr., who may have been the one on call, picked up a pair a scissors to perform an episiotomy.  I told him that if he came near me with those scissors I would kick him.  He didn't.  The first time I had really stood up for myself with a medical professional.

1997 - Austin.  He's not in the picture because we lost Austin at 26 weeks gestation to hydrops, but I couldn't write a story of my births without him. I celebrate the fact that we were able to hold him and spend time with him before we had to say goodbye.  His contribution to our family also gave us family unity in our decisions to leave our sons intact and later, to birth at home.

1998 - My what a journey.  There's nothing quite like a pregnancy and birth after a loss.  This was my first birth without an epidural.  I was incredibly proud of that as it was something that had been important to me previously but had not been fulfilled.  I also find humor in the fact that the poor ER dr who got called in to do the catch (due to the quick progression) had the amniotic sac burst just as he was sitting down on his little stool drenching both him and the wall behind.

2001 - My first homebirth. Uhm, yeah - my brain was a little out to lunch on this one as I didn't realize the incredible cramping I was experiencing was labor until I felt her head.  In my defense, other than Austin, I had always gone late and here it was 2 weeks before my EDD. This one we did on our own because when you don't call the midwife until you feel a head your usually SOL.  It was pretty amazing just our little family, but also pretty fabulous that our midwife lived just 10 minutes from us and walked in within a couple of minutes of the birth to help us navigate the next parts, not to mention the cleaning up.
2004 - First water birth. 9lb 14 oz baby.  Yeah I'm awesome ;-).  Actually I felt like I had been run over by a mac truck after it was said and done - but still it makes a great example about not prejudging a woman's ability to give birth.  I actually got to labor and know I was in labor.  I spent a nice 5-6 hours kneeling beside the bed, rocking, *laboring*, instead of the crash course of the previous two.  Oh and all of the kids got to be there; something we hadn't managed with the previous two, though we had tried (see preceding sentence).  The chatter of the older three on the bed while I was pushing is one of my favorite memories.

2007 - my "baby". This is the only one that I managed to get on video and I love this video.  I had always judged myself as being slightly out-of-control during pushing.  Not that I think that one should be in control, but you know how you have these ideas about yourself that don't apply to anyone else.  So anyway, I was slightly embarrassed at the whole thing, but watching that video I realized it wasn't nearly like I had pictured it in my head and I am proud of the strength that that woman on the video brings. And I knew I was in transition.  This was the first baby that I didn't panic during transition, but just knew what it was and went with it. That flow that I had assumed would just happen with my first birth had arrived.  And it was pretty darn perfect.
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Shannon at The Artful Mama said...

Wow what an amazing journey. I love that you were able to come full circle with your births. I agree that what you learn during your previous births you take with you during your subsequent births. During my second birth - my internal dialogue about transition is an important memory from that birth. I had an oh no moment and then I snapped out of it and told myself you are ready. Thank you for sharing these.

Dionna @ Code Name: Mama said...

Awesome stories :) We had enough time with Ailia for Tom to turn the video camera on and throw it on the table - there are no images. I'm not sure how I feel about hearing myself, but I'm glad we got something recorded.

Charise @ I Thought I Knew Mama said...

Wow - you have been through it all! Thank you for sharing your journey!

Erica @ ChildOrganics said...

Thanks for sharing your birth experiences. I've learned so much about myself from each of my births. You've encouraged me to finally watch my birth video of my ds's birth. I haven't watched it yet. I'm curious how my perception of the birth compares with the reality.

jessica said...

I read a comment on one of the other posts about how learning to really understand the birth process - particularly transition - is an ongoing theme and I have to totally agree! It makes such a difference when you are able to trust the process (whether that is through faith or experience) and allow the birth to unfold.

I absolutely loved giving birth, from the first to the last, and I do think that is something to celebrate :)

Gretchen said...

I love how you learned something new from each birth - it makes them all so special and unique!

Luschka said...

How wonderful! I am so ...envious... of six birth experiences. That won't ever happen for me. I agree with you regarding the video. Watching the video changed my view of what the birth had looked like. It was wonderful having the evidence of the birth I wanted, even if it didn't match the memory of it! (Sorry I'm so late in commenting!)

Andrea @ talesofgoodness said...

I've heard all kinds of birth stories, but I'm not sure I've ever heard them all from the same woman. I also told my doc "don't you cut me" when I saw the scissors come out at my first. This is a great story. Thanks for sharing.

Alinka @ Baby Web said...

OMG five kids! When do you have the time to blog?! I’m delighted that you liked your water birth as this is what I’m going for when I give birth to my first baby next month :)

jessica said...

LOL - as far as having time to blog you can probably see from the sparseness of the posts that I don't really ;-). I have some friends who also have "larger" families who manage it much more frequently than I do and I definitely wonder the same thing!

It am very blessed with my experiences, but I also feel equally blessed at having been able to be a part of births with families during my doula woork and then also to be part of a community which shares all of our unique perspectives so freely. I am delighted that women are reclaiming the story of birth.